Midnight Passion

12 films from 9 countries are selected for this year’s Midnight Passion. About half of films are from two countries that have produced strong commercial films each year, U.S and Spain, and the rest are from various countries like Sweden and Thailand. For the first time in Midnight Passion’s history, an iconic classic film will be screened. George A. Romero’s 1979 zombie classic, “Dawn of the Dead” has been converted into a 3-D format by Incheon based DNext Media under the supervision of Dawn’s original producer, Richard P. Rubinstein and will be world premiered in Busan. And of course, the variety of other genre films such thriller, horror, and comedy will be ready to please the midnight lovers. This year’s midnight screenings will take place on Friday, Saturday, and a day before Wednesday on Oct 9th which became the national holiday again this year. We hope that this year’s screening dates will be better for the audiences who have to stay awake till next morning.


2013 United States/Korea, South 127min DCP Color


A National Emergency grips the country. The corpses of the recently dead are returning to life and attacking the living, devouring their victims. In the big cities, the situation is acute as people panic and confusion reigns. Two members of the Philadelphia Police S.W.A.T. unit decide to escape the city. The two escape with their friends in a Traffic Helicopter taken from the Television Station. They fly over the Pennsylvania hills seeing that the phenomenon is spreading everywhere. They cannot land for refueling without being assaulted by bands of Zombies. The four finally manage to land on the roof of an enormous shopping mall. This is the original 1979 US Theatrical release version of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead lovingly and meticulously converted to spectacular 3-D under the supervision of Richard P Rubinstein whose producing credits also include Stephen King’s Pet Sematary as well as the Dawn of the Dead remake Zack Snyder directed in 2004.


2013 United States 95min HDCAM Color

Michael S OJEDA, director


While travelling across country, Zoe, a lovely deaf mute woman, stumbles on a horrific crime – a gang of rednecks slaughtering two Native American boys. Zoe’s brave attempt to save one of the boys seals her fate. She is captured, raped and left for dead. When an Indian shaman finds her clinging to life in a shallow grave he attempts to save her – but somethi...

Last Summer -  International Premiere

2013 Thailand 93min DCP Color

Saranyoo JIRALAK & Sittisiri MONGKOLSIRI, directors


That summer, Joy, a young and upcoming actress posts a status ‘I want to die’ on her facebook. An attractive boy Singh tries to console her by taking her to the beach for the first time with her best friend Meen and Singh’s duo Garn. The night of fun becomes horror when Joy dies tragically. Her ghost follows who she loves everywhere. Joy has something to tel...

The Devil's Path

2013 Japan 128min DCP Color

Kazuya SHIRAISHI, director


In retrospect, journalist Fujii Shuichi can pinpoint the single moment on the single day that changed his life forever. He receives a letter from a death row inmate, Junji Sudo, confessing to three murders in addition to the crimes that got him convicted and asking Fujii to investigate the case. The mysterious inmate claims to be seeking revenge on his forme...


2013 Canada/United States 86min DCP Color

Derek LEE Clif Prowse, director


The college buddies and best friends Clif and Derek are looking for adventure on their round-the world trip starting with Europe. They are having a great time there while they are filming everything they see for fun. One night, Derek meets a beautiful yet mysterious young woman at the night club and spends a night with her. Next morning, he wakes up with bru...

Life Deluxe - International Premiere

2013 Sweden 127min DCP Color

Jens JONSSON, director


JW now lives in exile and is more than ever determined to find out what happened to his missing sister Camilla. Every trace leads him to the world of organized crime in Stockholm. Jorge is about to do his last score - the largest robbery in Swedish history. But during the complicated preparations he meets a woman from his past – Nadja. Martin Hägerström is c...

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