George A Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD (1979)

First released theatrically in the U.S. on May 24, 1979, “George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead” is licensed by New Amsterdam in all media in the USA, English Canada, United Kingdom, Australia/New Zealand, and Latin America. Specific media is available upon request. (High Definition Master)

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Ultimate Edition Box Set Review from

Ultimate Edition Box Set Review from


“ ‘Dawn’ is a comic apocalypse that has come to maul the becalmed ‘70’s…Romero weaves a wildly fantastic morality tale against a seductive canvas of American materialism…I think it’s going to be the biggest cult blockbuster of all time…”
Tom Allen, Village Voice

“Four Stars! “Dawn” transcends any other horror film I’ve ever seen…The movie is violent and ghoulish but is also brilliant filmmaking …A special film, hard to take, impossible to forget…An ultimate horror film! A savagely satanic vision of America.”
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

“ ‘Dawn of the Dead’ is satisfying on almost any level one cares to take it. It is funnier than most comedies, more serious-minded than most dramas, more thrilling than most thrillers.”
Michael McWilliams, Detroit Free Press

“ ‘Dawn of the Dead’ will curl your toes…Romero is an audacious, stunningly talented filmmaker, a visionary who happens to view the world through garishly tinted glasses.”

Bruce Williamson, Playboy

“ ‘Dawn of the Dead’ is one of the most genuinely original American movies of this or any year…Romero displays a remarkable sense of disturbing imagery and taut intensely cinematic structure…The film hurdles along, never flagging in its two hour course…”
Kevin Thomas, LA Times

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