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A feature length documentary shot from inside the belly of the beast (aka Hollywood) that gives a rare behind the scenes view of the most publicized and criticized group of working photographers in the world today, the paparazzi.

GIVING IT UP tells the story of two former LA gang members who founded JFX Direct, a Los Angeles based celebrity photo agency. Now in their 30’s with families to support, these two best friends find themselves fighting a complicated reality of alliances and rivalries within the professional world of high profile celebrity photography and their not so far behind lives in the often fatal world of the LA gang scene.  Their path has never been an easy one and the current flood of untrained and inexperienced paparazzi working for large rival agencies now threatens their livelihood.

Although they have traded their “9’s” and Uzi’s for cameras, these two close friends and their small team of photographers still battle daily on the streets of Los Angeles. GIVING IT UP imbeds the audience in the “Paparazzi Wars” as the small JFX team successfully fights much larger companies to “capture” and sell valuable images of Brad Pitt, Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton and other high profile names in the news. With an overview from magazine editors from OK and In Touch the story of JFX Direct is a unique look into an American dream of upward mobility that is turning into an American nightmare.

directed by Frank Ruy

Executive Producers

Richard P. Rubinstein

Douglas Durst



Michael Messina



Produced by

Brendan Daw
Rachel Fleit

84 mins.

“Giving It Up” Supplementary Deliverables


Full Credit List

Press Kit Containing:


            - Biographies of principal filmmakers

            - One page print teaser synopsis


            - 30 and 50 word log lines

            - Giving It Up logo print artwork


102 Production Stills

Copy of complete transcript detailing all spoken dialogue, information cards, subject identifications and lower thirds contained within the film with corresponding timecode reference.


     Music and Effects Cue Sheet

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