George A Romero's MARTIN (1977)

Released theatrically in the U.S. on July 7, 1978 by Libra Films. “George A. Romero's Martin” is available In all media worldwide. Specific territories and media availability upon request. (Available in High Definition.)

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Lion's Gate Releases “Martin” from

Lion's Gate Releases “Martin” from

"see it with someone you are sure of..."

“Romero has become a dazzling stylist…his balance of wit and horror is the best since Hitchcock.”
Jack Kroll, Newsweek

“George Romero has done it again. “Martin,” an eerie, sardonic updating of the traditional vampire legend, should secure Romero’s reputation as a modern master of the horror film. Dynamic, expressionistic, ominously brilliant.”
Gary Arnold, The Washington Post

“ ‘Martin’ is extremely well acted… Amplas is absolute star material… unrelenting and truly frightening… above all, Martin is funny… a very witty script, and the dialogues have a natural humor that even Hollywood can’t buy these days… there is a long scene in the middle… combing elements of humor, suspense, panic and dread – worthy of Hitchcock, Depalma, anybody."
Stephen Saban, SoHo News

“The originality of this film lies in overthrowing the mythology of horror films to make it the symbol of a bad social conscience…Romero is intent on describing the behavior of a young man, misunderstood and desperate in his search for love…John Amplas is altogether marvelous."
Le Monde, Paris

“Romero…achieves an uncanny rapport with his troubled bloodsucker, but from an ironic distance…his vision is funny in its own right. George A. Romero remains an outstanding gothic original, the best of our regional naturals."
Tom Allen, Village Voice

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