Stephen King's THE NIGHT FLIER (1988)

Released theatrically in the US on February 6, 1998 by New Line Cinema. Licenses are for all media in the English language world and Latin America. Specific territories and media availability upon request.


“Creepy vampire tale that also offers clever commentary on blood thirsty tabloid journalists.” “Delivers a wily payoff.” “Acting is strong. Ferrer fascinates even when he’s being a heel.”
Lael Loewenstein, Variety

“The conclusion comes filed with black humor, suspense and imagination.” “Miguel Ferrer is a deliciously arrogant pit bull-cum scribe.”
Larry Worth, New York Post

“Ferrer is memorably bitter as Dees.” “Director Mark Pavia keeps the gore splattering.”
Dave Kehr, New York Daily News

“Provocative…“Night Flier affords a big star role for Miguel Ferrer, a fine and distinctive actor,” in a blood bath of a movie.” “Julie Entwistle in her film debut makes a firm impression as a rookie reporter.” “The film is sleek.”
Kevin Thomas, LA Times

“A haunting fright fest.” “Pavia rivals work done by George Romero in his zombie trilogy.” “Pavia is a rousing young talented filmmaker we are sure to hear more from.”

Joseph Mauceri, World of Fandom

“Cannily crafted.” “Ferrer is well cast and more than a tad scary.” “Entwistle exudes the ambitions and contradictions of dewy but deadly “intern” employees.”
Hollywood Reporter

“’Night Flier’ is a classic bit of Kingiana – utterly menacing, yet cheerfully perverse.” “Director Pavia does a fine job of mixing chills with corn.” “Scarier than hell, a fine ride.”
Merril Schindler, Daily Breez

“A lean accomplished film, It’s hard to believe the MPAA let so much slip thru.” “The best King adaptation since Misery.”

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